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Innovative products for a better, healthier and stronger YOU

Well-Being · Better performance · Improved & youthful appearance

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For your fitness, for your individual well-being and for your own long-lasting efficiency

The product line from our helps you to achieve your personally goals. Of course, regardless of whether you are still very young, or in an advanced age - it is the desire to be efficient and fit into old age!

Permanent pressure to perform, stress and poor nutrition - this are the main reasons why more and more people no longer feel up to the demands that their work and private life place on them.


The dietary supplements from our partner company help you to fulfill the challenges of everyday life even better and to maintain your fitness and performance into older age.

Advice, online shop and support

Do you have questions about our products or services?


We always make time for you!

Our characterization is a real and personal support and honest advice for our customers also.

From us you will receive all information about our products and the best way to take them. We are happy also to provide you with all further tips and instructions at any time, depending on your individual goals and concerns.


Simply fill out the contact form below and we will get in touch with you at the time you specify. This ensures that you can discuss all questions calmly and comfortably.

Don’t miss out on our expert advice!  


We would be happy to advise you extensively and without any obligation.    


Use your advantage from decades of our experience in health management & professional sports and benefit from our really first-class personal service!   

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FitLine Partnershop | Premium-Nahrungsergänzungsprodukte online bestellen | Galyna Alexandra Nebova und Andreas Michael Gutekunst
FitLine Partnershop | Premium-Nahrungsergänzungsprodukte online bestellen | Galyna Alexandra Nebova und Andreas Michael Gutekunst
FitLine Partnershop | Premium-Nahrungsergänzungsprodukte online bestellen | Galyna Alexandra Nebova und Andreas Michael Gutekunst

Innovation and quality

A high level of quality in the product line of our partner company reaches far beyond the compliance with established and required standards.

For this reason, the FitLine premium nutritional supplement products and the FitLine cosmetic lines from our have been developed according to the latest and reliable experiences of research and science. In points to optimal selection, processing and bioavailability of the ingredients they contain, the products stand for a maximum safety. 
All of them are manufactured in accordance with the strict GMP guidelines applicable in the pharmaceutical industry.

More than 600 million sold products, which are regularly valued and used by millions of customers worldwide, underline that our understanding of quality for the safety and satisfaction of our customers is the right way.


Additionally, 70 patents underline the innovative power of the company.


In the case that - contrary to expectations - you are not satisfied with our products, you can return them to our partner company within 30 days. Then certainly then you will receive the full purchase price back from us.

HOTLINE 9 am to 9 pm

WhatsApp 24/7

Product order & advice
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call Galyna & Andy.

Galyna & Andy appreciate the advantages of the products: Experience results!

Well-being is the condition in which a human being feels good. Stress, hectic pace and constant pressure to perform determine almost everyday life in our society. Unfortunately, our lifestyle and type of diet have a very negative effect on our vitality very often. Performance is the ability to handle and cope in a good way with a mental or physical stress or challenge. 

For example, our physical performance and resilience decide, if we can cope with high physical stress over a long period of time or not. Here are various factors decisive:


  • Is it possible to process the energy that is taken in through food or oxygen an easy way and make it available to the organism?

  • Is the body ready to recover after heavy exertion?

  • Is the immune system finally strong enough to keep the body healthy under high stress?

Galyna Alexandra Nebova
Your personal consultant & beauty coach

I am a family woman and live with my 2 children and my life partner Andy very happily. I was born in 1974 in Karaganda and now I live in the Rheinisch- Bergisch area of Germany since 2004. I'm a full-time working passionate teacher, so I spend quite a lot of time at my desk, but I am balanced through my active, varid, changeable life with the help of my part-time and dream job.


A colorful mix of love, family, sports, my students, personal development, motorcycling, cooking, skiing, vitality and wellness is now a natural part of my life - our dream factory!


It is my greatest passion to inspire other people and to support them on their way to lead a healthy, active, successful and happy life with inspiration, motivation and courage.

That's what I wish for you: To live a way that life is really fun!

Galyna Alexandra Nebova | Ihre persönliche Beraterin & Beauty-Coach
Andreas Michael Gutekunst
Your personal consultant & personal trainer

I saw the light of world in Hanover in 1964. Very proud of my son who is a qualified banker and I am very attached to my sister and brother also.


A bit of a globetrotter, because as a child I even lived together with my parents and my brother on the edge of an Indian jungle (aid and support program for deaf-blind locals on a farm).


North America-experienced as an ex-pro wrestler & bodybuilder.


In meantime I have been able to give worldwide thousands of product customers a chance for more well-being and long-lasting performance.


Sales offices & product advice / support in:

G-Hanover, G-Wuppertal, A-Salzburger Land and UA-Odessa.

If possible, we are also happy to visit you on site on request!

We are happy to appear to you!

Andreas Michael Gutekunst | Ihr persönlicher Berater & Personal-Trainer

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Our recommendations - additional to the optimal care: special products / customer bestsellers

FitLine Partnershop | Premium-Nahrungsergänzungsprodukte online bestellen | Galyna Alexandra Nebova und Andreas Michael Gutekunst

Product order & advice

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call Galyna & Andy

HOTLINE 9 am to 9 pm

WhatsApp 24/7

Fast delivery   •   30-day money-back guarantee   •   Personal advice   •   Free of charge & non-binding   •   Available within 7 days

We wish you a lot of happiness, well-being, performance and health every day

Sincerely, YOUR personal advisors: The Gutekunst-Nebova family

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